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Great start to 2019!

Yesterday was truly humbling! Two customers, one in Virginia with a 9.6 lb mule and the other on Lake Okeechobee with his glorious catch, sent me their pictures minutes apart. Great Job men, I appreciate the feedback, now that's the way we all would like to start our year isn't it? Do you have confidence in jig fishing? Well, if not try something new this year, tie one on and don't take it off. Pull up to some great looking structure and put it right in the middle, don't worry about getting it stuck, they come out easier when there's a fish on it! Here's a hint, if your getting short strikes, change the color of your trailer. So If your looking to add some new lures to your box, bag or boat give me a ring and we'll get you something to create memories with! Godspeed

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