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Fishing 2020!!

“To achieve something you’ve never achieved, you have to do something you’ve never done!” I want you to contemplate this as you begin to fire up your 2020 fishing adventure. I’m super excited to build upon the success I was blessed with last year and hope you share that same excitement. I trust your reading this between reorganizing lures and consolidating plastic critters from 18 bags to one. Earlier this week I performed that same ritual and while doing so I decided to implement some “new norms” to my fishing ventures. Zig Ziglar is one of my favorite people to listen to on setting goals, staying positive and visualizing achievement. He teaches, stating and writing down your goals requires courage, that a person would share their dreams and aspirations openly builds in them a certain fortitude. That is the purpose of this article, to start out 2020 with a vision and a plan, as listed below.

  1. Keep a journal capturing a days events for later reading/ reflection. This sounds cheesy and insignificant but HINDSIGHT is always 20/20.

  2. So this year I’m going to add more preparation into my routine; Physical routine (core strength and flexibility), Intake (select foods that maintain energy and focus).

  3. Dedicating time to test/ operate my gear. If that means for an hour I stand on a dock and chuck and wind 7 rods and 21 lures that’s what I'm going to do.

Here’s some $$$ saving tips:

  1. Reverse your braided rig; unspool the sun faded worn part of the braid and put that end on your spool. When your finished the protected spool end of your braid is now out front.

  2. Use leaders. Putting 6 - 12” of plastic line on as required really stretches out a 150 yard spool. A side note on leaders, I usually put twice my rod length on there so that the fish and the leader knot don’t get to the boat at the same time.

  3. Simplify your lure selection: Dedicate time with one or two lures this year and one or two colors. Become an expert at fishing those lures. Throw them into everything you come across.

I want my 2020 experience to be a year of growth in all areas of my life and in order to do that I have to be intentional. I want that for myself and I want that for you.

One last share, a goal I set for myself on the article front is to be a more inspirational writer. Which is pretty hilarious due to how much I rely on spellcheck!!!! I know that’s a flaw of mine but bottom line is I want to write articles that make people put the phone down, shut the laptop and get out there and experience the outdoors however they see fit (rod and reel not required but if you're going ...I'm just saying!) I’ve included a couple pictures of my efforts while thinking about all this.

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