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An Intentional 2021

Fishing report

27-28 February 2021

The first fish of 2021 have been caught! The dry spell since Christmas has been broken and like usual the fish were completely Bass ackwards. We had been concentrating our efforts on the north end of the lake in hopes of finding warmer water. Two months had passed while we emptied the tackle box of everything we could think of on that north end. With no success to be found I started asking myself “What haven’t I done”. I thought about one cove on the south end of the lake and how it was protected from the north winds and it was very shallow. In the summertime, the entire cove is covered in lily pads, so we headed in the wrong direction and tried our hand in the shallow cove.

Fish 1; ⅜’s oz. Still water fishing Swim jig with a Strike King Rage swimmer (pro blue red pearl)

Fish 2; ⅜’s oz. Z man Jack Hammer in Bhite delight

Fish 3 & 4; came off the Still Water Fishing swim jig in Brad’s brown. The biggest is fish 4.

We concentrated our efforts in less than 2’ around thinned out lily pad flats. All of the fish had extremely red mouths and throats. THEY ARE EATING, YOU JUST HAVE TO FIND THEM!!!

Extraneous information: We did fish in the wind, out of the wind, in the seam, morning, noon and evening. All in the north end of the lake. The only thing I can think of is that the north side of Smith (warmest water) feeds into the south end of Little Creek Reservoir. The big takeaway is to move and scrap what you think you know until you find active fish.


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