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Big blades for Big bellies!

Finally some pay dirt worth raving about!

Since the 26th of March the over sized spinner bait has been a force to reckon with. I have put no less than 12 lbs in the boat every day over the last three days. We’ve recorded multiple mid to heavy three lber’s, two 4+, and one over 5… a hair. (pictured below)

I will say that most of our success has come out of areas that had less wind on them. The 20 -30 mph winds we’ve had lately don’t scare me but the few times I’ve poked around in the wind or the seem haven’t produced anything (and it’s cold). So I’ve been staying around the pockets with a mild breeze coming across the shallows. The entire lake seems to be up to temperature with repeatable bites and size fish coming from both ends of the lake. I don’t know how long the big girls will be chewing but I highly recommend getting out there sooner than later. If you have time and the desire, schedule a trip by clicking here.


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