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Virginia High Performance - A story of Reclamation!

After 24 years of Navy Diving, I woke up with, walked around with and took back to bed with me pain from head to toe (Cue the kids song “Head, shoulders knees and toes”). This was not after a day of diving, golfing or strenuous workouts. This was every day, every minute, with every movement. My history is not unlike yours. As a high school athlete playing Football, wrestling and pole vaulting you begin to collect all sorts of fun tricks. Accompanied with all the normal associated injuries; shoulder dislocations, concussions, cramps, sprains and now you find your body isn’t what it once was. Then add in; lifting compressors on to chest high shelves, dragging anchor chain across the fantail or swinging a three pound sledge hammer for one to two hours while treading water and you’ll collect a kaleidoscope of dents and dings to showcase. My once highly capable athletic build was closer to a dented up old truck that missed every tire rotation and oil change in the last 24 years.

Allow me to introduce Virginia High Performance led by Alex Oliver and his very talented team of dedicated professionals. Strength Coaches, nutritionist, massage therapists, Speech Pathologist and Chiropractors all unite to make one giant robot in order to Analyze, breakdown, build-up and retool your machine!

Analyze- On the first week your coach will ask you to perform some basic movements, (also referred to as shapes) noting where your range of motion begins and ends. Identify where any restrictions or no go zones might exist. The sole purpose being to highlight what recreates the pain and how best to peel back the layers of injury to restore functionality.

Breakdown- After noting where your restrictions reside you’ll begin working into those areas. Through the use of mobility tools and techniques you will begin to feel a sense of “growing” in the targeted regions. This is where VHP excels. Their recovery modalities enable you to perform during the two a day sessions which keep you and your body in that range of “I’ve done something amazing” and “what did I do”! All the while you maintain the energy and motivation to go back for more. Similar to that old commercial, “Mikey, I think he likes it!”

Build up- Your third week is where you will start to advance the growth areas. You’ll be coached into the same “shapes” and work on increasing feel and range of motion where you had little to none before. This is where you start to make money and see the amazing results VHP brings to your world. At the end of this week you’ll have received three nutrition briefs opening up your eyes to what you’ve been doing right and more importantly what you need to start doing with your new machine to continue growing and getting your body back.

Take home- Your last week is concentrated on the tools you’ve gained and reinforcing maintenance practices to continue. You’ll go through exit tests and measurements capturing the real data which correlates to your amount of growth during your time. If you do your very best during your opportunity, you will be pleasantly surprised and grateful.

Reclamation- I have been gifted new tools, a renewed body and a new appreciation for doing the maintenance required to do great things. I can only tell my story in hopes it helps you with yours and wish you the best.




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