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Bread crumbs...always with the bread crumbs!

We’re in the first week of March now and have seen activity near the lily beds with some 2-4 lbs. chunks. We’ve had success with swim jigs, spinner baits, chatter baits, jigs and wacky rigs. This week I started on the same trail in some different spots to see if the entire lake is warming up or if it’s just the few pockets we’ve stayed in. One thing that struck me as odd was two separate bites on a jig. The first one, the fish picked it up in the shallows and began his excursion to the deep when I set the hook and received my lure in the same condition in which I cast it. The second bite played out the same. This time I switched to a green and brown jig with an Orange craw shape and threw it back in the same spot. I trimmed the skirt to the bottom of the hook and bit the plastic lure in half. The jig hit bottom, I pulled it across one to two bumps, felt the bite and set the hook on a 2 lb'er (cover image).

I thought with two bites so close together in that manner, seemed like bedding bites. This was strange to me because over the last two months, strike out after strikeout was all we had to show for our efforts. Then out of no where, they eat and they bed....suspicious!

I will say the fish that we are catching are very vibrant in their colors. These pictures don't do them justice. With the bright green sides and pitch black tops and lateral lines these fish are a sight for sure. Add in the lipstick mouths and pure white belly's and you'll find nothing on the boat but smiles and giddy laughter in celebration.

As always remain steady and diligent, Godspeed!


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