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Holding the Line

This last week was amazingly beautiful, clear skies, cool breeze and not a rain cloud to be seen. I took advantage of this small opportunity and set out to learn more about a local lake that usually offers no quarter. I planned on using a spinner bait on wind blown banks in order to find some active areas.

This approach worked well for a while and continued to be repeatable over several days. I did notice that after the sun past it’s peak the bite changed which is not unexpected. I figured for the area I’m in and bluebird skies they may be pinned on cover of some sort. After poking around for a bit I did find some willing participants.

The jig bite has been fantastic the last seven days but today proved to be very special. As fate would have it my mistake tied me to a day of quality jig bites. Armed with Stradling Custom jigs and Vicious Fluorocarbon line we set out on a great week's worth of jig bites. I’ve had the same leader on since January and it’s still holding the line on performance, I have tried several Fluro lines but this stuff is on time. The only stage I haven’t tested it on is the Susquehanna, that river will put any line through it’s paces.

I'm not sure if you can tell from the pictures but my mistake was leaving the fuel hose hooked up with out venting the tank. After changing the oil I had to do a test run the next day for quality control purposes. I can't help but come back to the tried and tested Fluorocarbon line. If your still on the hunt or are game to try something new give vicious products a try, as always tight lines and Godspeed!

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